What is your current Job Title or Role?
What advice would you have for young women who are interested in a STEM career or job?
Stay curious, be up for a challenge, work hard and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good or smart enough because we can all do it.
How did you get to where you are today?
I have always loved the oceans, despite the fact I did not grow up around the ocean and I have never been diving! I have always just had a curiosity about life beyond what we know it and I wanted to explore the unknown. My undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences as I wanted to gain a broad overview of biology before I chose to specialise. After my degree I knew I had to get a job and wasn't sure what area of biology I wanted to go in to and sort of fell into a job as a data analyst for an energy company. I knew I didn't want to do that job forever so I decided to take the leap, leave full time work and go back to studying.
What do you do on a daily basis in your work?
As a student researcher, I find that every day is different. Sometimes I am reading and learning new content, other days I am in the laboratory doing fun and cool science experiments which bring me closer to answering my research questions. I love being in the lab and that's what I want to do when I finish the masters.
Who or what inspired you to get into STEM?
Since I was a kid I have always been curious about the world, I was that one person who would not stop asking 'why' and I was never satisfied with my parent's answers. This led me to go to museums, get ant farms, sea monkeys and microscopes for my birthday. I never stopped asking the why questions and I believe that is the reason why I still love science.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
I get to explore unanswered questions, find new methods and I am able to be curious day-in-day-out.
What do you like to do outside work?
I love going to the gym, doing yoga, exploring new places and I have recently been trying to tackle learning a new language!