What is your current Job Title or Role?
Director at Bluefruit Software
What advice would you have for young women who are interested in a STEM career or job?
Go for it. It's a fantastic sector with a lot of growth potential in need of talented young women
How did you get to where you are today?
Through a lot of hard work, support, and making great connections. From a degree in graphic design and a masters in publishing, I'm not a natural fit for a STEM career, but cutting-edge tech is something I've always been passionate about. I fought hard against my own self-doubt and pushed forward in an area I found interesting and inspiring.
What do you do on a daily basis in your work?
I'm one of the three Directors at Bluefruit Software helping to run a company of over 50 employees with a turn over of just under £3 million. My core responsibility is to look after the growth strategy and work closely with the other directors to shape the direction of the company. On a daily basis, I also oversee the sales and marketing teams, securing new work for the business.
Who or what inspired you to get into STEM?
I come from a family of architects and engineers. They instilled a passion for creativity and problem-solving. My mother also made the leap from studying art to working in finance and she taught me that anything is possible if you work hard enough. I wasn't great at Maths and Sciences in school but I've always loved technology and future-looking projects. Since leaving University, I've worked hard to build up a strong sales and marketing career in a number of tech and digital roles, showing that STEM careers are possible for people with a variety of background and skill sets.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
I love the people I work with, the projects we work on and the collaboration across the team.
What do you like to do outside work?
Enjoy Cornwall. Beach, hiking, spending time with family and friends. I have two small children and I spend most of my spare time with them.