What is your current Job Title or Role?
Graduate Energy and Climate Change Consultant
What advice would you have for young women who are interested in a STEM career or job?
My main piece of advice is to go out and volunteer. Many companies offer unpaid work experience and it is the perfect way to learn about different disciplines and industries, whilst making great future connections. It can be surprising how much you can find out by just opening up the dialogue and showing an interest.
How did you get to where you are today?
I had a fairly traditional route through education going straight from school, to A levels and on to university. However, my STEM goals varied throughout this time, and developed as time went on. Originally, I wanted to be an agricultural research scientist (an odd choice for someone who has no farming background in her family!). I equally considered engineering, however I didn't quite achieve in A level math as I had hoped! I decided to do my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, to give me a broad basis to grow upon. During my time at university I did a placement year in agricultural research, as a form of test run of my 'dream career'. Turns out that laboratory life wasn't for me! Through these experiences I discovered a love for data, modelling and learning about climate change. Fast forward to where I am now 🙂
What do you do on a daily basis in your work?
As an energy and climate change specialist I works across a variety of renewable energy projects and developments. With expertise in Geographical Information Systems, I help to deliver Environmental Impact Assessments for a range of disciplines and technologies, provide support and management with planning applications and am involved in technical consultancy for energy, sustainability and climate change statements.
Who or what inspired you to get into STEM?
The list is endless! SCIENCE IS AWESOME! From a young age I have always had an incredible fascination with how things work. Science was one of my favorite subjects at school and I loved visiting the Intech Science Centre at Winchester. My GCSE in History also covered a large amount of medical and surgical history, including topics on vaccination and the development of understanding of the human body. My interest in the environment and climate change came later throughout college and university.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
Everyday is different. My job is really varied and I get to work across many projects at once. The output I have to produce is also different, so sometimes this could be an excel model and data summary or it could be a report/chapter in an Environmental Statement. There is a nice blend between working with clients, business development and getting stuck in with the technical side.
What do you like to do outside work?
Would it be too cliche to say I love the outdoors? I play football a few times a week and enjoy going for walks. Having just moved to a new area I am trying to use the weekends to explore. A perfect day is walking around a national trust or beach, followed by a cafe and cake. My partner and I both love to cook so that definitely uses a large portion of my time - shopping, cooking, eating and thinking about food in general! I would be lying if I didn't add sleep to this list... I am a big 'blanket and PJ's in front of the fire' type of person.